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Project Description

MS Excel add-in software in C#/.NET originally developed to make all the Matrix, Vector and Table functions of the .NET library Finaquant Calcs available for MS Excel users and programmers (VBA, macro). Provided by Finaquant Analytics with the GNU GPL license (General Public License).

Even though we developed this add-in software (see Finaquant in Excel) specifically for the integration of finaquant libraries, it can also be used for other integration projects as well, due to its general features for Excel and .NET integration.

In this project we used two other open-source software for Excel integration:

  1. Excel DNA Easy integration of .NET into Excel; compact Excel add-ins
  2. NetOffice Microsoft Office integration without version limitations

Finaquant in Excel after Installation

What this Excel Integration Software (add-in) can do:

  1. Makes methods of a .NET library available (i.e. callable) for Excel users either as a new Command Menu (like Table Functions above), or as executable push buttons in the Excel ribbon (like Create Test Tables above).
  2. Makes methods of a .NET library available in VBA (i.e. callable) for Excel programmers; however, without intellisense help in VBA editor.
  3. Using this software, you can develop new methods in .NET and make them callable in Excel as a .NET and Excel programmer.

Overview to the code files (C#/.NET) included in the initial Visual Studio project:

Visual Studio Project - Finaquant in Excel

ExcelFunc_NO.cs All the Excel-related helper methods based on NetOffice like reading and writing tables, working with workbooks, worksheets and ListObjects (excel tables) etc.
ExcelTable.cs Central class for application oriented functions and macros for excel users. The non-static methods of this class are available in VBA for Excel programmers.
ExcelTableDNA.cs The static methods of this class call the methods of class ExcelTable.cs for execution. The class of this class can be attributed with [ExcelCommand(..)] to make them available in the Command Menu of Excel. See Excel DNA for method attributes and Excel integration
MatrixTableX.cs A wrapper class for the methods of MatrixTable (table functions) in Finaquant Calcs. The non-static methods of this class can be called in VBA.
MetaDataX.cs A wrapper class for the methods of MetaData (metadata functions) in Finaquant Calcs. The non-static methods of this class can be called in VBA.
Program.cs Ad-hoc test methods can be called here in Console Application mode (normal mode is Class Library for add-in development)
Test.cs Ad-hoc test methods for testing any method in other classes in the Console Application mode.
UserFunc.cs Reserved for user-defined table functions. These methods can be called by corresponding methods in the classes ExcelTable and ExcelTableDNA to make them available in Excel.

For more information you may download the Introduction to Finaquant in Excel (visual guide) with Developer Notes.

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